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14H | 2013 | NFPSNA | British RIding Pony 

Luckington Legacy - Little Miss Attitude

Cadbury represents all that is right in the Riding Pony. Intelligence, athleticism, exceptional temperament, trainability and movement are just a few qualities this stallion possesses. 

His "people-loving personality", curious nature, and chill attitude can be found in his offspring as well! The brave and athletic nature of his foals are apparent right away and on more than one occasion each season we hear of at least one of them soaring over the paddock fence (without injury and with lovely form) to see what they can find on the other side.

His lovely shoulder, movement, form over fences and refinement crosses well with warmblood, thoroughbred mares as well as GRP type pony mares to produce amazing dressage and eventing prospects, while crossing with welsh mares has consistently produced lovely hunter prospects.

Not only will you find his foals in the homes of youth riders, you will find a large number of foals going to homes with small adult riders that seek a trainable, personable and talented mount with a quiet and easy temperament suitable for professional and amateur riders alike.


Cadbury has been genetically tested as black (Ee aa) an does not carry the bay or brown gene (agouti). This gorgeous stallion leaves everyone drooling over his stylish good looks and his charming personality.

Cadbury’s pedigree represents some of the finest British pony bloodlines.  His sire, Luckington Legacy, is the only imported British New Forest stallion in the US at present. He is an extremely easy stallion to work with, both under saddle and in the breeding shed. 

Legacy’s Sire, Katric Capers, standing at Wayland Stud in Hampshire, has been champion multiple times over in-hand and under saddle. He is a superb jumper with a “perfect temperament, he is a super ride and regular escorts rides at the Riding Stables” (Waylan Stud).  

Katric sired multiple champions, notably Wayland Cranberry, who has accomplished 75 Championships and 25 Supreme Championships, both in-hand, under saddle and in working pony hunter. Cranberry qualified for Wembly in 2000 and Olimpia in 2001, qualifying again from 2003-2006, consecutively taking the Best of Breed award every time.

Legacy’s dam, Luckington Vintage, has produced multiple champion stallions in England including, Luckington Sportaide, Luckington Leo, Wayland Loganberry & Wayland Mulberry.


All foals are registerable with the New Forest Pony Society of North America regardless of the pedigree of the dam. Foals out of approved mares are eligible Westfalen and/or OLD/NA ISR.


2021 Fees

2021 Stud Fee   


EVA Tested: Negative 
Color Tested: Black E/e


Cooled Shipped Semen

March 1, 2021  – July 1, 2021 

Live Cover -Live Cover is available to a select few mares ONLY who are height/weight appropriate and behaviorally suitable for live cover


Collection Fee $150 

(with 24hrs notice)

Same Day Collections $200

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14"x 10"x 8 - 4lbs

Luckington Legacy
Luckington Legacy

Woodberry's Hot Topic's Sire

Fox Hollow Hollys Legacy
Fox Hollow Hollys Legacy

Luckington Legacy x Fox Hollow Heather's Holly Photo from Google Images

Luckington Legacy Pedigree
Luckington Legacy Pedigree
Fox Hollow Hollys Legacy
Fox Hollow Hollys Legacy

Luckington Legacy x Fox Hollow Heather's Holly Photo from Google Images

Katric Capers
Katric Capers

Luckington Legacy's Sire Photo from Google Images

Luckington Legacy Offspring
Luckington Legacy Offspring
Luckington Sportaide
Luckington Sportaide

Luckington Ludo X Luckington Vintage Photo from Google Images

Cadbury Conformation a.jpg