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Our  award winning program is well known for  producing  talented, fancy ponies suitable for  youth and adult riders alike.

You will find our ponies successfully competing on both local and national levels in all three rings.

We specialize in the rare and highly sought after New Forest Pony, 

and currently stand

Woodberry's Hot Topic  

 NFPSNA PB British New Forest Riding Pony stallion. Westfalen and ISR/Old NA approved

The goal of our breeding program is to produce unique, talented, yet safe and sane Warmblood, BRP and GRP type Ponies for riders that want a competitive mount without the hot temperament.


 See for yourself why Woodberry Ponies is not only the top choice, but why we are so different from the rest.

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The safety and health of our employees, clients and families are of the utmost importance to us.         Therefore, during this time FARM VISITS ARE  UNAVAILABLE TO GUESTS and is accessible ONLY to Medical, Farrier and Employees on scheduled days.

We appreciate your support in our commitment to keep your family and ours safe!

Phone:  336.399.7214

Pinnacle, NC  27043

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