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The Princess Diaries


1/2 Welsh / 1/2 TB
14.0 7/8H
We are heartbroken at the loss of this amazing mare!  
She crossed the rainbow bridge this past winter (2021) and is running through the fields of Heaven

This phenomenal mare has never disappointed. After many years competing and too many wins to count in the Large Ponies, Buttons retired from the show arena and we were fortunate enough to include her in our breeding program. 

 Not only had this special mare proven herself to be a top competitor (with an amazing youth friendly temperament to boot), she has proven herself to be an exceptional broodmare. 

Buttons passed away this past w

nter, December 2021, due to old age. She is terribly missed!

Her 2019 Filly was reserved prior to foaling and is absolutely stunning with a lovely refined dished head!

"Buttons" 2018 large pony colt, Woodberrys Hot Edition (by Woodberrys Hot Topic) is absolutely stunning in every way!  Chestnut with with a lovely facial marking, four tall stockings and a belly spot!  This fancy boy was snatched up by a trainer prior to weaning and is enjoying his life in MD and is being ISR inspected

Buttons 2017 colt, also chestnut with four tall stockings and belly spots, was also purchased before weaning and is on his way to becoming a stallion prospect. Her 2019 filly was purchased in utero and is absolutely exquisite!

For more information, please contact us!

Career Highlights

*Champion Marshall & Sterling Children's Medal 

*Champion  RIHA Hunter Stake 

*Champion MHJ Finals - Fieldstone

*Champion Pony (Four Times)- Yankee Clipper Classic 

*Champion  - Mystic Summer Festival

Additionally has placed in the top three in too many competitions to name!

Buttons 2019 stand c
Colt Buttons Trot
Hot Edition Trot
2017 Colt



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