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For Sale

& Lease at
Woodberry Ponies


Woodberry believes in providing honest, dependable and consistant services to our clients.  


We specialize in reliable, quiet, youth and novice friendly ponies.


Years of hard work and dedication, combined with a love for our clients and the horses and ponies we place, have built a solid reputation for the program here at Woodberry.


Our program has been structured on the philosophy that you can have quiet, talented, competitive and fancy all in the same ride!



Phone:  336.399.7214

Pinnacle, NC  27043



Visits welcomed by


Quality, Talented, QUIET  Hunter Ponies!

We want our ponies and clients to be happy with their new pairing! That is why Woodberry offers  

2-week trials on all of our riding ponies for sale.

We beleive in the quality and health of our ponies and welcome pre-purchase vettings, x-rays and full blood work-ups from the vet of your choosing on all ponies offered for sale and lease at Woodberry!

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