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Photo Credit: Salisa Hauptman


Program at Woodberry Ponies


Woodberry began it's entry into the amazing world of breeding in 2003 when we began breeding Spanish Normans.  We soon expanded into Warmbloods of Color and were very succussful in providing talented, personable offspring that are currently competing on national levels.


However, we soon found that our customers wanted warmblood ponies and so in 2012 we expanded our program to include ponies. But... as all pony people know... once you venture into pony land, you never come back. We fell in love with the pony side of things. Our program is now 100% focused on producing those perfect, trainable, fancy, talented and safe ponies that children and adults alike, dream about.



Phone:  336.399.7214

Pinnacle, NC  27043



Visits welcomed by


Producers of  Quiet, Intelligent, Talented, Fancy & Quality Ponies


of Warmblood Type 

We offer only a very limited amount of  foals per year and take special care in choosing the Sire/Dam combinations. Great emphasis is placed on temperament. Our selection process is grueling, time consuming and critical to the most favorable outcome... the perfect mount for you!!


In 2015 we introduced our very own home-bred First Cross New Forest stallion "Woodberry's Hot Topic" into our breeding program. We couldn't be more pleased with him!

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