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$350.00 Startup

$100 Per Additional Page

Product Info

Startup Price Includes: 
-1 Year Paid Web Hosting
-1 Paid Domain Name Registration 
- Homepage/Landing Page

$100 for each additional page .

*Most Small/Basic sites consist of 4 pages; Homepage, Contact Page, About Us Page, Service Page.  I  work with clients to tailor their website to suit their specific needs. Once you have paid the start-up fee, we can always add pages as you are financially able.

Delivery & Refund Policy

All designs submitted to client for proofing, as well as finalized design, shall be emailed to customer via e mail address submitted.

Once the finalized design has been approved by customer, Woodberry will publish final site. 

Refunds will not be made. Clients are responsible for proofing design prior to publish.

Photo Specs, Payment & Client Responsibilities

Please submit high quality, large photos graphics. This is necessary to create professional results. 

It is the client's responsibility to ensure you have acquired the proper permission to use photographs submitted. Once submitted Woodberry assumes client has permission granted to alter and reproduce photo. Woodberry shall not be held responsible for copyright or photograph ownerships issues that may arise. 

Woodbery will not begin work on websites without balance received. Completion times vary depending on the size of the site please allow an average of  two full weeks for completed site.

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