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Equine & Canine Design

Designs by Equine Professionals ...  for Equine Professionals

After searching and searching for a graphic and web design company that understood the special, unique needs of  those in the Equine industry and creating my own work as well as that for friends and family for many years... I found myself being  approached by more and more  equine professionals requesting my help.

Like me, they found that trying to use a company that doesn't understand the  industry is beyond frustrating... hand them 10 photos to work with and they will never know why one image should be prefered over the other. Will they know what the industry standard is?  Will they be able to tell you what your ad needs in order to be competitive with all of the other equine business adverts out there?  Maybe... but unless you happen across a designer with equine experience, you will likely pay high prices for work not specific to the needs of your industry.clients. 

Add if you will, the high cost of working with companies that cater to multi million dollar businesses, can your budget handle the cost of a 20k website?  My designs are competitive,  professional, high quality designs that understand and cater to the needs and budgets of the equine and canine industry. 

Basic Web Ad


Delux Web Ad


Premium Farm, Event or Stallion Web Ad


Print Quality Ad 



Logo Design


25% off if Purchased with another product

Equine Web Design for Business, & Personal

$350 Startup Fee - Includes Domain Name, 1 Year Hosting & Home Page 

$100 each additional page thereafter.

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